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The Family Food Brokers Process

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What makes your product different from others on the market?

There may be products that are similar to yours already on the shelves. But your product may taste better, have higher quality or different ingredients, more attractive packaging, or a combination of these and other factors. Providing this information helps guide Family Food Brokers to position your product with the right convenience, national chain, retail, food service and alternative brand stores, and distributors. 


After we understand your product, we identify competitors’ products, analyze the packaging design and nutritional content, and develop comparisons between your product and the competitors that may make it stand out to buyers and consumers.


After it is agreed that there is a potential market for your product, we use the information that you provide us to work with you to develop a go-to-market sales strategy.


Once there is a path to bringing your product to market in the U.S. and Canada, our strong relationships with export attorneys, customs brokers, logistic companies and warehousing firms can facilitate importing your product into North America.


Family Food Brokers selects brokers with the right accounts and relationships to bring products to market


Family Food Brokers has established relationships with brokers and distributors. After we vet and determine the viability of your product in the U.S. market, we present your product to the appropriate brokers and distributors in our network 


How we bring products to market


Family Food Brokers helps you develop the resources needed for a successful sales presentation. We refer you to trusted professional companies that provide packaging design, graphics, web design, public relations, advertising, social media deployment and e-commerce. We help you build your product’s brand in the U.S. and Canada. 


Strategic approach


Family Food Brokers’ strategic approach to introducing your product to the U.S. market includes professional advice for how you will need to:

  • Brand a product name, design, logo and other features that define your product from others in the market.

  • Build a pricing model that factors in such costs as manufacturing, importing, advertising/marketing, distribution and spoilage.

  • Create a sell sheet.

  • Create a PowerPoint presentation.

  • Market, promote, plan and use social media.

  • Create an English language website.

  • Open a U.S. company and address.

  • Connect with U.S. insurance companies and open a U.S. bank account.

Developing the sales strategy


After you have signed our contract and provided us with an initial payment, Family Food Brokers creates a customized sales plan for your product, including:

  • Initially targeting specific regions of the U.S. to introduce your product.

  • Evaluating whether the product is applicable to the Canadian market.

  • Determining market sectors to pursue.

  • Determining whether to develop a distribution channel first.

  • Working with you on developing a strategic sales plan.



Some of Family Food Brokers’ cusomers are start-up companies with great products but lack the financial resources to follow through with production, cover their daily expenses, cost of goods and cost of labor to meet the channel and consumer demand. We assist by recommending financial institutions, purchase order financing companies, equipment financing companies and other sources of financing to help you produce the goods and fill orders.

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